"New online program for Couples Reveals How To Make Your Relationship A 'Nicholas Sparks' Best Seller (Specifically, One with Great Communication, Amazing Closeness, and Incredible SEX)"

For the First Time Ever (...and possibly last) I will be sharing the most critical Skills, Strategies, and 'Science' responsible for my success helping, what is now in the 100's of couples, in creating that magical connection they felt when first dating

Yes Chelsea, I Want To Create A Fairytale-esque Relationship. Teach Me How!

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If you have ever felt like your connection with your partner is not living up to how you imagined, then let me tell you a quick story...quite possibly the most important you've read in a while...

But before I do let me set the stage early:

What we’re about to discuss here isn’t just about improving your relationship - it has everything to do with you and your partner developing effective patterns that actually make you FEEL CLOSE and FULFILLED; creating the type of relationship that will bring joy for the rest of your life. This isn't one of those "blank languages of love" type of things which sounds nice but doesn't give actual things to do; or the same old "me and your grandad did this..." type of advice you have heard a thousand times from a hundred people (you know whether you asked for advice or not).

"The Day I Learned That Pretty Much All Relationships Can Be Saved"

I still remember the day I learned that even the most disconnected couple can re-engage and have a beautiful life together.

True Story: I was in a small office in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (me and my husband Brett were living across the Tetons in Driggs, Idaho at the time).

It was my last session before lunch, on a cold and snowy winter day in had actually been a fairly rough session, but then that magical, pivotal moment happened for my clients, we'll call them John and Jane.

At that time they were in their late 40's, had been married 24 years, were in the process of launching their four kids. They ran a successful business together, and from the outside seemed like that perfect couple and family. But their relationship had grown very shallow, as they both said to me a couple times, "We are great business partners, but terrible lovers."

John had grown up in a ranching family with little affection from his folks, and nothing he ever did was "good enough." Jane came from a good home, was active in all the social stuff, but never really "felt noticed or lovable." They met, both wanted to create a strong family and raise good kids....and then like I see with so many couples, the busyness of raising a family started the drift.

--Then that magical moment--

For years Jane had been desperately trying to be heard, and courageously she asked one more time, this time John looked past all of the annoyances and frustrations, and finally "heard" her, and sat with her in that moment (and he'll deny it, but there wasn't a single dry eye in the room). Jane told me that for the first time in perhaps her entire life she felt "loved and lovable". The beautiful thing is Jane in turn gave John what he had quietly been dying for, "feeling like I am good enough and appreciated."

This was one of the great moments in my life...I couldn't wait to get home and when I did I ran upstairs gave Brett a big old hug and said "I did it"...I had finally helped that 'unhelpable' couple break through!!

Within a years time we had packed up, headed back to Northern Utah and started my own clinic, a few years later and we have a thriving clinic that specializes in working with couples.

Since that day in 2015 I have now helped what is in the hundreds of 'unhelpable' couples reconnect, so believe me when I tell you there ARE secrets I can share with you about creating a fulfilling relationship that others cannot teach you.

"Chelsea, I want to re-connect with my partner - are we 'unhelpable"

It seems that the Covid-19 situation has really put a strain on relationships. The uncertainty of a world-wide pandemic, being 'stuck' inside with the same people day-after-day, has caused couples everywhere to question if they are really happy with their partner.

Let me give you my own perspective on this:

I personally think this is not a bad thing.

You see, most couples that come into my office are "at the end of their rope." And have considered the possibility of separation or divorce. And in 90% of the cases they didn't get there overnight. It was this slow drift where they didn't question their relationship and find those areas that needed strengthened...then 10, 20, 30 years later they are sitting with a lawyer drawing up divorce papers.

If there is one positive from this whole Covid mess, a lot of couples are EXAMINING their relationship earlier than usual.

And the best part there are actually things YOU can do to create that CONNECTION with your partner.

The fact that you are sitting here on this website still reading my story tells me that you are further along than 80% of the unhappy couples out there.

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Announcing Chelsea Petersen's Program

"Cultivating Connection"



All About Relationships - Why are they important to humans, and why are they so dang hard?!


Understanding Why One Partner Avoids The Conflict


Understanding Why The Other Partner Wants To "Climb In The Ring"


Discovering Your Unique Relationship Pattern


Sex in Your Relationship


Nurturing and Growing a Lasting Relationship


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-"More Sex: Making Sex A Focal Point Of Your Relationship"

-"Relationship First: Managing Friends, Family, and Children In Your Relationship"

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  • Understand the real reasons you get into the same relationship struggles over and over. Let's face it, it's easy to get stuck in the same rut. Do you find you are having the same argument time and time again? Find out why and how to better approach the conversation.
  • Change damaging patterns that leave you both frustrated, angry & hurting. We all have raw spots and knowing yours and your partners will help you both approach each other with love and understanding.
  • Learn and practice conversations that will keep your love alive and secure through Practice Exercises. Each week you will discover new insights to your relationship and will have the opportunity to work through techniques to help reframe those difficult situations and conversations. Carefully selected exercises will guide practice and emotional deepening of your relationship between classes.
  • Enjoy Lively discussion AND get answers to your Questions Live. We will explore the science of love and importance of human connection. Learn from others as you discuss and explore various topics in our live classes. Of course, if you would prefer to sit back and observe that is fine too.
  • Experience Demonstration of Common Cycles in Relationships. Learn why you or your partner often feel frustrated or alone
  • Gain Premier Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group. Ask questions and get feedback between classes so you can learn and be supported right along with other couples. Realizing that other couples face the same struggles you might be having and hearing about their successes can be so inspiring!
  • Receive an exclusive check-in with Chelsea. This will allow you to make sure you are making the most of the program and learning what will benefit you and your situation the most.


It's for you if any of the following apply to you:

  • You long for experiences of the "remember when we used to..." and wonder how to get back to those times
  • You want to be more important than your partner's electronic device
  • You want your partner to actually look forward to your phone calls instead of dreading answering a million questions or get a butt chewing
  • You're at your ropes end and wonder if your relationship is worth fighting for anymore
  • You desire to have a fulfilling SEX life
  • Heck you desire to have ANY sex life
  • With your partner you feel abandoned like you're trapped in a dark room with no one to rescue you
  • You are craving spending meaningful time just the two of you without the distractions of a busy life, but don't know how
  • You are nervous when the kids leave the house will we still know and like each other
  • You are nervous that if your partner leaves will I be able to support myself
  • You have done everything that society or your culture says you're supposed to do, but you are still unhappy
  • You are worried that if your partner leaves am I too late in life, or desirable enough to find someone else
  • You want your relationship to work out, but are unsure if you are too far gone

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What People are Saying

The workshop provides couples with tangible tools to use in their relationships. It really provides the framework for positive communication and creating a healthy bond between partners." L.F., age 45

Chelsea was fantastic! The information received helped me and my partner a lot! I would suggest this to anyone." Z.D., age 31

"The workshop is refreshing and really helpful. Give insights and perspectives that you might not be aware of." H.P., age 51

"This Workshop came at a time when my husband and I were struggling in our marriage. The stress of work, moving, and having a baby had created some negative patterns. This really helped give us a framework for unpacking and healing those raw spots. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We will be using much of what we learned going forward." M.K., age 37

"This workshop is well worth the investment in time and resources. It's genuine, sincere, and helpful for real, married life." D.R., age 48

"I wanted to devour everything Chelsea offered us!" J.W., age 52


  • When is it? Live classes are held weekly, you will receive a recording of the course each week, so you can follow along at your own pace.
  • Where is it? Join anywhere from your laptop/desktop, heck even your phone!
  • Who's doing it? Presented by Chelsea Petersen, LMFT, Owner and Founder of Cache Valley Counseling
  • Why should I be there? To find a deeper lasting connection with your partner
  • What's it all about? Teaching you and your partner how to get the spark back, while giving you the tools to navigate and conquer future roadblocks
  • What is my investment? It's just 2 x $255 or 1 x $497

Join NOW for 2 X $255 or 1 x $497